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The Big Dig

First things first...someone has to get "down in the hole". Thanks to Morty Bailey and his crew, we have a spankin' new septic ready and working and just in the nick of time. This monumental event was completed just days before winter struck with a vengence. We've only just begun!

Stella's Gift Certificates!

Do you know that you can get gift certificates from Stella's Italian Kitchen and Market?

Come visit us for yourself and grab a gift certificate for someone you know who needs a break from their routine!

What People Are Saying

...great food, reasonable prices and worth the drive to the town of Lyme.  This also has its benefits... who wants to drive through Lebanon traffic on a Friday or Saturday night to have horrible or typical restaurant food after working all week... not us, so we look forward to going to your restaurant again in the very near future... We just wanted to let you know that WE LOVE YOUR LITTLE PLACE...