So much has happened since the birth of this idea that we felt it necessary to share some history before beginning a weekly blog to keep everyone up to date on our progress.

We would like to start by honoring the memory of both Jim and Lloyd Nichols. Two special, unique individuals who left their mark on this town and are sorely missed by all. It was their willingness to entertain our crazy scheme in the first place that has allowed us to run with it.

It was September of 2006 when we first approached the Nichols brothers about renting a section of the former hardware store in order to create a small pizza joint. It was at this first meeting that Jim Nichols plainly declared..."Well, just so you know, we don't move real fast...". Then, in early December, Jim and Lloyd gave us the green light to move along with our plans.

Sadly, neither Jim nor Lloyd will be here to see it come to fruition but we will always be grateful for the opportunities they opened up for us last fall.

With their untimely passing, their families and ours re-evaluated the options. Ultimately, the Nichols families decided to sell the building that once housed their home as well as their businesses for over 40 years. We are now the proud owners of this wonderful building and can't wait to continue its long and fruitful history.

Built circa 1781 and originally located in the cemetery on Route 10, this building served as town hall and church for nearly 30 years. Construction of the present Congregational Church was completed in 1810 and at that time, this building was moved to its current address. The upper story functioned as a town hall from 1810 to 1920. Proudly this building has served as a store continuously since 1810. It is also home to Lyme's Post Office as well as a branch of Ledyard National Bank. There was a time, not too long ago,when you could stroll into this building and get your mail, take care of your banking business, grab a hammer and some nails and have a bite to eat while catching up with friends and neighbors. We hope to bring those days back.

Our idea of a "small pizza joint" has evolved into a full blown restaurant and prepared foods market. We are currently under construction and hope to be ready to serve Lyme and the surrounding communities sometime in March. Please stay tuned...through our blog, we will keep you up to date with all of the exciting developments.




Blog Post 3


Let there be light!

We added these windows for the dining room. 



Framing the kitchen in.



New side entrance door. 



Framing the separation of the market and restaurant areas.  


Check back to see the antique windows that go in here!! 


Blog Post 2

Just a few pictures of the early stages to give you an idea of what we are really dealing with here. Actually, the building has great bones! It's the blemishes that need some love. It was around this time that we learned the difference between "level" and "flat". Thanks to team Estes and Gallup and the guys at Barre Tile; we've achieved something in between.









 Would it be cheesy to say that we've received serious support here?






Blog Post 1

The Big Dig

First things first...someone has to get "down in the hole". Thanks to Morty Bailey and his crew, we have a spankin' new septic ready and working and just in the nick of time. This monumental event was completed just days before winter struck with a vengence. We've only just begun!

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What People Are Saying

...great food, reasonable prices and worth the drive to the town of Lyme.  This also has its benefits... who wants to drive through Lebanon traffic on a Friday or Saturday night to have horrible or typical restaurant food after working all week... not us, so we look forward to going to your restaurant again in the very near future... We just wanted to let you know that WE LOVE YOUR LITTLE PLACE...